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This graph and related statistics are explained at the Advanced NFL Stats glossary page.



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Brian said...
Lynch. Wow.
3:22 in the 4th qtr

Brian said...
Easy slam dunk. 4th and inches down by 2 TDs late in the 3rd.
7:46 in the 4th qtr

Carson said...
I assume going for it was the right call there, even if it didn't so much work out.
4:20 in the 3rd qtr

Brian said...
Wow. Seahawks are playing out of their mind. What an entertaining game.
9:57 in the 3rd qtr

Brian said...
No. It treats all games and all teams as equal.
11:48 in the 3rd qtr

James said...
So the graph above doesn't take into account the strengths of the two teams involved?

Jon said...
I wish there was probability of teams covering the spread.
11:00 in the 2nd qtr

Brian said...
Yes, that's quite true. That's a different kind of model, though. There's nothing wrong with looking at it that way. But this way treats all games as equal.
3:38 in the 1st qtr

James said...
How come when the game started both teams had a 50-50 chance? When the game starts the Saints have a much better chance of winning than 50%. Yeah?
7:50 in the 1st qtr