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Denver Topples Kansas City
By Tad McGavin

It was certainly an unexpected outcome on Sunday, as Denver beat Kansas City in a critical matchup that has season-long implications for both teams. Denver finally found their rhythm and were able to consistently move the ball. If Kansas City wants to be in the mix for a playoff spot, they'll need to right the ship before next week's showdown with their division foe.

Von Miller's second half performance was critical in the win. At times it appeared he willed his team to victory. He said after the game, "I thought the coaching staff put us in a position to be successful. We just went out there and executed the gameplan." Von Miller needs to be careful not to look past next week's opponent. Their upcoming match-up will be nationally televised in prime time, a classic trap game.

Jamal Charles's shaky first half performance was too much to overcome, as his late game effort fell short. He said after the game, "We didn't bring our A-game today. We didn't step up when we needed to and make the plays we needed to make." Jamal Charles needs to learn to play within himself for his team to find success. He just needs to go out there and do what he's asked to do and no more.

Kansas City clearly needs to make some changes if they want to be competitive. The players just haven't fully bought into the program. Defensively, they need to rediscover their identity as a smashmouth squad. The offense's performance was downright ugly. Their futility was on display all day. They'll need to return to a run-heavy gameplan to set up the pass.

Denver and Kansas City are headed in different directions. Everyone knows football is a game of emotion, and clearly Denver showed they had the passion to come out on top. Denver made a statement today, and they've got a chance to do something special this season.