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Denver Beats Kansas City
By Boomer McGavin

It might be premature to say that Denver's victory on Sunday puts them on the path to postseason success. But Kansas City dropped a badly needed game they wish they could have back. The key to victory for Denver was that they were able to win the turnover battle. Kansas City could never seem to get into a rhythm all day.

Von Miller has at last lived up to the lofty expectations he set for himself. "We just found a way to get it done today," he said after the game. "We've got a lot of great guys in the locker room. This team is special," he added. Von Miller will have to build on Sunday's performance if Denver will continue to be successful.

Jamal Charles didn't have enough tricks up his sleeve, as Denver was able to contain him most of the game. "Gotta' hand it to Denver. They played well all game. We just couldn't get it done," he said following the game. Jamal Charles showed a lot of courage in the face of adversity on Sunday. Now he needs to put it all together for Kansas City to get back among the top teams in the league.

Kansas City is just playing as bunch of individuals and not as a team. They clearly need to get on the same sheet of music. Kansas City fans had higher hopes for the defense this season, but if they keep playing at this level significant changes will be needed in the offseason. The offense's performance was downright ugly. Their futility was on display all day. They'll need to return to a run-heavy gameplan to set up the pass.

As for Denver, they just need to keep up their momentum heading into next week. Although there's no such thing as a moral victory, Kansas City can take solace in knowing they played as well as they could against a talented opponent like Denver. Denver made a statement today, and they've got a chance to do something special this season.