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Denver Topples Kansas City
By Marv Twinkleton

It might be premature to say that Denver's victory on Sunday puts them on the path to postseason success. But Kansas City dropped a badly needed game they wish they could have back. Denver finally found their rhythm and were able to consistently move the ball. Kansas City could never seem to get into a rhythm all day.

Von Miller showed that he has what it takes to fit into Denver's new dynamic. "It was a real team effort. We just kept fighting out there, grinding it out," he said after the game. "We took what the opponent gave us, and it paid off," he added. Von Miller will have to build on Sunday's performance if Denver will continue to be successful.

Jamal Charles appeared unfocused at times, and often appeared confused by what Denver threw at him. "We're going to learn what we can from this loss," he said after the game. "We'll take a look at the film tomorrow and improve where we can. It's a process," he added. Jamal Charles's mistakes were costly. You just can't play like that at this level.

What Kansas City needs to do at this point is clear. Defensively, they need to rediscover their identity as a smashmouth squad. The offense's performance was downright ugly. Their futility was on display all day. They'll need to return to a run-heavy gameplan to set up the pass.

Denver's locker room celebration was muted as the players already focused on the next challenge awaiting them. Both Denver and Kansas City know will need to make ajustments to beat quality teams. You could feel the electricity in the stadium from kickoff to the final whistle. It was a game for the ages.