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Denver Beats Kansas City
By Chas Schemmel

It went down just how everyone expected it to on Sunday, as Denver beat Kansas City in a critical matchup that has season-long implications for both teams. Denver finally found their rhythm and were able to consistently move the ball. Kansas City seemed to be off their game, with recent off-the-field drama certainly taking its toll.

Von Miller stepped up in the clutch to seal the game, proving he's one of those rare players who rises to another level when the game's on the line. He said after the game, "The coaches told me to just go out there have fun and execute. I just did my thing and it all worked out today." Von Miller will have to build on Sunday's performance if Denver will continue to be successful.

Jamal Charles didn't have enough tricks up his sleeve, as Denver was able to contain him most of the game. "Gotta' hand it to Denver. They played well all game. We just couldn't get it done," he said following the game. Jamal Charles needs to learn to play within himself for his team to find success. He just needs to go out there and do what he's asked to do and no more.

The pressure is mounting on Kansas City, but they can't let it get to them. On defense, Kansas City needs to get creative and dial up more blitzes to keep opposing offenses on their heels. The offense's performance was downright ugly. Their futility was on display all day. They'll need to return to a run-heavy gameplan to set up the pass.

Denver's locker room celebration was muted as the players already focused on the next challenge awaiting them. Although Denver has bragging rights for the moment, they'll need to stay hungry and step up next week to avoid a letdown. You could feel the electricity in the stadium from kickoff to the final whistle. It was a game for the ages.