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Denver Edges Kansas City
By Rip Schemmel

It went down just how everyone expected it to on Sunday, as Denver beat Kansas City in a critical matchup that has season-long implications for both teams. Denver was finally able to find their identity and stick with what works. Kansas City seemed to be off their game, with recent off-the-field drama certainly taking its toll.

Von Miller showed that he has what it takes to fit into Denver's new dynamic. He said after the game, "I thought the coaching staff put us in a position to be successful. We just went out there and executed the gameplan." The debate over whether Von Miller is truly elite is far from settled, but he made his case forcefully all afternoon.

Jamal Charles looked confident at times, but eventually let the game slip out of his grasp. "We stuck together and gave it 110 percent. It just wasn't enough to get the win in the end," he said in the post-game press conference. Jamal Charles needs to learn to play within himself for his team to find success. He just needs to go out there and do what he's asked to do and no more.

Kansas City clearly needs to make some changes if they want to be competitive. The players just haven't fully bought into the program. Kansas City fans had higher hopes for the defense this season, but if they keep playing at this level significant changes will be needed in the offseason. The offense let themselves become too predictable Sunday. Defenses in this league will pounce quickly.

Call Denver lucky if you want, but great teams make their own luck. Everyone knows football is a game of emotion, and clearly Denver showed they had the passion to come out on top.