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Denver Beats Kansas City
By Boomer McGavin

It might be premature to say that Denver's victory on Sunday puts them on the path to postseason success. But Kansas City dropped a badly needed game they wish they could have back. Denver's key to victory was consistently gaining the upper hand in the struggle for field position. Kansas City was never able to find a way to get the ball in the hands of their explosive playmakers often enough.

Von Miller has turned the corner and has learned how to win--how to close out tight games. He said after the game, "I thought the coaching staff put us in a position to be successful. We just went out there and executed the gameplan." Von Miller appears to be coming into his own. He has finally tuned out his critics and feels comfortable with his role.

Jamal Charles was inconsistent and wasn't able to put together a complete game. "It's disappointing," he said after the game. "We left it all out there on the field and just fell short," he added. At times, Jamal Charles looks like he's just trying too hard. He's got to learn to let the game come to him.

Kansas City clearly needs to make some changes if they want to be competitive. The players just haven't fully bought into the program. The defense can't continue to rely on the blitz so often. They'll need to be more fundamentally sound in passing situations without rolling the dice and exposing themselves for potential big plays. The offense let themselves become too predictable Sunday. Defenses in this league will pounce quickly.

Kansas City lost that game more than Denver won it. Kansas City just couldn't capitalize on their opportunities. They'll need to be better if they want to be playing in January.