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Denver Beats Kansas City
By Chip Alvarado

It was certainly an unexpected outcome on Sunday, as Denver beat Kansas City in a critical matchup that has season-long implications for both teams. Denver put their doubters on notice that their momentum had finally turned. Although it's not time to panic yet in Kansas City, they're going to need to find a way to get it done before it's too late.

Von Miller has turned the corner and has learned how to win--how to close out tight games. He said after the game, "The coaches told me to just go out there have fun and execute. I just did my thing and it all worked out today." For now, Von Miller has shown that he can fit in to Denver's new scheme, and can be an effective leader both on and off the field.

Jamal Charles was inconsistent and wasn't able to put together a complete game. "We stuck together and gave it 110 percent. It just wasn't enough to get the win in the end," he said in the post-game press conference. Jamal Charles showed a lot of courage in the face of adversity on Sunday. Now he needs to put it all together for Kansas City to get back among the top teams in the league.

Kansas City clearly needs to make some changes if they want to be competitive. The players just haven't fully bought into the program. On defense, they'll need to stiffen up against the run and force offenses to become one-dimensional. The offense's performance was downright ugly. Their futility was on display all day. They'll need to return to a run-heavy gameplan to set up the pass.

Denver has proven they can get it done in crunch time. Although Denver has bragging rights for the moment, they'll need to stay hungry and step up next week to avoid a letdown.